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The five most disrespectful dunks in NBA playoff history


The five most disrespectful dunks in NBA playoff history

SETTING THE SCENE: Shawn Kemp in his days with the Seattle SuperSonics was one of the most athletic players we had ever seen to that point. There was no athletic feat this man couldn’t accomplish on the court. And this athleticism gave us one of the most spectacular dunks in NBA history.

In Game 4 of the 1992 Western Conference quarters, Kemp caught the ball close to the top of the key against the Warriors, took one power dribble, and made Alton Lister an NBA laughing stock for eternity.

The way Kemp celebrated the slam is now one of the most recognizable dunk celebrations in history. The double point while laughing at the man you just embarrassed on national television gives off astronomical levels of disrespect. The celebration is so iconic that it has become a meme on social media today even though the play happened nearly 30 years ago, when everyone would have said, “Wait, what is a me-me?”


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