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Julio Jones trade rumors flare up — here’s where he could go


Julio Jones trade rumors flare up — here’s where he could go

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Alright, Indianapolis. Your Super Bowl window is wide open, but something just doesn’t feel right. You have all the pieces necessary to put together a deep playoff run, but having Carson Wentz under center just doesn’t sit right with you. You should be worried. Carson Wentz was downright awful in 2020. However, Wentz’s issues can be attributed to three main issues: poor mechanics, a lack of time in the pocket, and the desire to play hero ball. All those points I just brought up are laid out beautifully in this video by Brett Kollmann.

Just being on the Colts solves one of those issues — time in the pocket. The Colts allowed only 21 sacks last year. The Eagles allowed 65. Pretty big difference, right? Pressure is the number one factor that plays into poor throws. Wentz won’t suffer nearly as much as he did last season in Philly.

The throwing mechanics are something that will need to be worked on, but hey, if you can make the playoffs with someone with as strange a throwing motion as Philip Rivers, then Wentz’s tendency to overstride and pigeon-toe shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Lastly, the hero ball issue. Wentz likes to run around and find big plays. Early in his career, Wentz had receivers like DeSean Jackson and healthy Alshon Jeffery who could make those contested catches downfield consistently. But in Wentz’s more recent years, part of his struggles have come at the hands of his receiving corps being unable to catch those deep contested balls that Wentz loves to throw. You know who would be able to make those tough catches? Julio Jones.

Jones would not only open the field up for TY Hilton or Michael Pittman, but also give Wentz a reliable target — something that he’d been desperate for in his final years with Philly. The Colts are one of the most complete teams in the league, and if they had a star quarterback, there’s no doubt that they’d be right up there with Kansas City and Buffalo as the favorites in the AFC. Wentz has the capability to play incredible football. Jones goes a long way in helping Wentz find his long-lost 2017 form. He’s a perfect fit for Indianapolis.


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