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Is Pelicans big man Zion Williamson ready for superstardom?


Is Pelicans big man Zion Williamson ready for superstardom?

Is Zion ready to be a superstar?

Is Zion ready to be a superstar?
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It’s time for Zion Williamson to show us he’s ready for the next step.

The New Orleans Pelicans find themselves currently on the outside looking in of the NBA play-in tournament in the Western Conference. The Pels are in the 11th position with 6 games left on their schedule.

The team in front of them holding the last play-in spot is the San Antonio Spurs, who have lost five games in a row. The Spurs now only have a 1.5 game lead on New Orleans and find themselves struggling like my belt buckle mid-way through quarantine.

This is where Zion comes in. The young star has a prime opportunity to carry his team into the postseason, but he has to be special. The former Duke forward has accumulated some pretty impressive statistics this season. I mean just look at these numbers.

But this is the time where all of those metrics go out the window. Now, it’s about winning. The Pelicans have the talent surrounding Zion to not only make it into the play-in but possibly advance to the playoffs. It’s time for Zion to put his squad on his back and get this organization back to the postseason.

It’s the natural progression that all great players have to go through. We understand that you’re great, but the real question now is can you win? And can you win when the stage has the spotlight on you?

This will be the ultimate test for the first-time All-Star to see if he’s truly ready to take that next step. Out of the six games left on their schedule, five of them are on the road. And all of the games are against teams currently in the top eight of their respective conference. There will be no cakewalks, but with the Spurs folding like a dinner napkin at a five-star restaurant, the opportunity is certainly right there on the table.

What separates the All-Star players in this league from the superstars is the ability to elevate your team when your team needs it the most. Right now, the Pelicans desperately need a push to finish strong and get into this play-in.

Let’s see if Zion is ready to take the next step.


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